My foray into #NaBloPoMo

In an attempt to breathe new life into my blog, I’m going to attempt National Blog Post Month, or #NaBloPoMo!

For an outdoors-y daughter like mine, the colder months are a really hard time. Both for her, and for me! Through the summer, we spent most of our time outdoors. At the park, playing on the lawn, having picnics… you name the time of day, we’d be outdoors. Come autumn, however, and our days of picnics are packed away until the warmer days.

The change in pace makes my little girl very bored by evening, and sends my imagination into overdrive, trying to think of ways to keep her occupied. This month, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone, and post everyday a new activity we tried, a new way we kept occupied, a new kiddie recipe, or just what we did that day. I may write a long post, I may write a short post, or I may just post a picture. But this blog shall be revived!

Stay tuned!


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