Professional background

Dr. Vyshnavi Ramesh has over ten  years of teaching and research experience across the board in K-12, higher education and teacher training. She holds a Ph. D. In Educational Technology from IIIT Bangalore, where she researched on Intelligent Tutoring Systems with a focus on Curriculum Design and Automatic Assessment. She has conducted education research in engineering education, personalised learning, and early childhood education. She has a background in engineering, with a B.E. in Computer Science and an M. Tech in Information Technology. 

Vyshnavi has worked extensively in teacher training projects where she has trained engineering faculty on curriculum design and effective use of technology in their classroom. She has been instrumental in projects pertaining to automatic assessment.  She was one of the founding researchers on the Online Assessment and Evaluation System (OAES), a project funded by the Government of India which involved development of exhaustive item banks, and provision of automatic test delivery and assessment to NIELIT O-Level students across India. She has also designed and implemented an Online Examination Center for her university, IIIT-B. 

Vyshnavi has published her research at several international conferences, including IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE), IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), IEEE Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning (TALE), and IEEE Technology for Education (T4E). She has served as a reviewer for several international conferences, including IEEE FIE, T4E, TALE and EDUCON. Her publications extend across several topics ranging from Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Course Design in higher education, to STEAM Education in Early Childhood Education. 

As an educator, Vyshnavi has developed and delivered instruction to both adults and children, in both India and the United States. Most recently, she has been researching and developing STEAM Curricula in K-5 settings. She is passionate about inculcating the philosophy of lifelong learning in every student she interacts with. To know more, click here

Vyshnavi is currently an educator with Seed2Sapling Education, on a quest to bring about joyful lifelong learning in the K-12 sector.