About me

Hi, I’m Vyshnavi. I’m an educator passionate about inculcating a sense of lifelong learning in every student I meet, and mom to a kind, curious & overall awesome kindergartener, Ananya. Parenting has proven to be the most educational journey of my life, and I’m constantly in awe of everything I learn about how kiddos learn.

My parenting philosophy is based on my passion in lifelong learning. Children have a natural desire to learn, and I believe that this is the foundation of, well, everything! Children are sponges, absorbing new knowledge at every step, beaming with prid I believe that learning is a joyous experience, and that it is crucial to help children to maintain that belief.

I follow an integrated learning style where Ananya learns new skills in the real world. Children need to know WHY they need to learn a skill, and the place of that skill in the real world. What better way is there to learn chemistry than through cooking? For that matter, how much math and reading does a child practice while following a recipe, and how happy is she when she watches her cupcakes bake perfectly thanks to her recipe?

In this blog, I share with you my journey to guide my daughter, and every other student I have the honor to work with, to a journey of lifelong learning.